Educator Resources

Educators are often on the front lines of combating bullying. Children with special needs are most often bullied at school - in the hallways, cafeteria, and on the bus. In this section of the toolkit you will find helpful resources for school administrators, teachers, and support staff who may witness incidents of bullying or hear reports of it from students. 


Conversation Starters

Stories of bullying with suggested approaches for how to start a conversation with all parties involved. 

Dealing with Bullying in Schools

Strategies for talking with bullying and bullied children, especially those with special needs.

Teaching Tolerance

Ideas for how schools can create a tolerant culture, changing bullying from a disciplinary issue to a cultural issue.  

Creating a Zero-Tolerance Environment

Publicizing your school's anti-bullying policy is one important step to creating a culture that does not allow bullying.

Peer Advocacy

When students look out for other students, especially those with special needs, incidents of bullying decrease. Learn how to start a Peer Advocacy program in your school.

Additional Resources

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