Creating a Zero Tolerance Environment

Schools are just one part of the equation to combating the bullying epidemic.  However, they play a key and vital role to setting the tone of tolerance.  It is important for districts and individual schools to have their bullying policy available and accessible to all

  • Include a prominent link to the school's bullying policy on your website
  • Review the highlights of the policy at back to school nights with families,
  • Reveiw the policy with students during the first week of school  
  • Keep the conversation going about the zero tolerance for bullying policy that the school/district follows throughout the year

Just as important as parents and students is sharing the policy with vendors, because they are technically an extension of the school.  This includes bus drivers, specialists/therapists providing designated instructional services, substitute teachers and others.  Before the contracts with these individuals or companies are signed, reviewing the bullying policy and outlining the process for internal review if a complaint is filed is imperative to extending the zero tolerance beyond the school yard.  

Creating a safe environment is necessary for students to learn and thrive.  Show your community bulling behavior is not welcomed and doesn’t have a place in your community. Consider having students, teachers, administrators, families and vendors sign “contracts” or agreements that they’ve read the bullying policy and they pledge to adhere to this policy.  Celebrate when students show acts of kindness, philanthropy or other social good. This isn’t just about discipline and punishment, good anti-bullying practices include reward and recognition for doing the right thing!  


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